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Ceast / instron 6 station hdt / vicat auto type: 6...

Ceast / instron 6 station hdt / vicat auto type: 6971. S/N: 16957, vol...
Manufacturers: Instron , Roper
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Ceast / instron 6 station hdt / vicat auto type: 6971. S/N: 16957, volt: 230, hz. 60, phase: 1. Kva: 4, SHORT-TERM effect of temperature the thermal properties of plastic materials are equally as important as the mechanical properties. Unlike metals, polymers are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and many factors contribute to affect their thermal behavior, which is a rather complex property. Designers and material selectors of plastic products constantly face the challenge of selecting a suitable plastic for elevated temperature performance. In other words, they need to have a deep understanding of the SHORT-TERM effect of temperature on the material selected. The instron line of ceast hdt & vicat THERMO-MECHANICAL systems are designed to determine the behavior of plastic materials as a function of the temperature (SHORT-TERM effect) from very simple qc materials testing to more advanced material applications, the INSTRON/CEAST line of THERMO-MECHANICAL systems spans from traditional testing systems with a silicone oil bath to a new ECO-FRIENDLY instrument suitable for testing HIGH-PERFORMANCE materials testing stations: 6 temperature range: 20 to 300C, heating method: silicone OIL,WEIGHTS application: automatic. Stations into bath: automatic ceast HV6A oil bath testers are equipped with six independent working stations. They are used to determine the temperature at which the specimen undergoes a PRE-SET DEFLECTION-PENETRATION under a specific load while heated. This takes place with a defined heating rate in a silicone oil bath up to 300C. The silicone oils, available in different viscosity ranges, perform testing more accurately in a broad range of testing temperatures. The instrument is electronically controlled by a microprocessor via a keyboard with an led graphic display. The instruments use lvdt transducers and independent THERMO-RESISTANCES that are placed on each station to ensure high accuracy and repeatable results. Correction terms, taking into account thermal expansions of the apparatus as a function of the temperature, are memorized and automatically applied to each test preventing error in the reading of the apparent deflection of the specimen. Designed to meet the most common standards including. Hdt test: iso 75, astm D648, din 53461, bsi 2782, method 121 c, nt t 51-005, une 53075, GB/T 1634. Vicat test: iso 306, astm D1525, din 53460, bsi 2782, method 121 c, nt t 51-021, une 53118, GB/T 1633. Each station is equipped with a thermocouple to record the local temperature. Built in parameters and results display. Automatic cooling cycle at end of test. Nitrogen blanket diffusor for oil bath safety at high temperatures with external electro valve and connection. Circulating oil bath that can reach temperatures up to 300C. Each test station is equipped with a thermocouple to record the local temperature.